“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”


– Oscar Wilde –


The Wilde Way.  A way of living, striving to be in tune with nature, with the beautiful chaos of life, accepting the waves that come crashing in and retreating back.  To me, the best things in life are those that are made, magically, by the beautiful energy that surrounds us daily.  The magic part is trying to find those moments, and when found, embracing them until they fade, their lingering sweetness solidifying into a memory.  A little hand in mine, the smell of warm rain, discovering pebbles in pockets, fireflies on summer evenings, a soft kiss after a long day, crisp pages of an old book.  These are simple, and to me, the best.

I find these simple pleasures exhilarating and inspiring.  Words bubble up from within and when I’m conscious of them, these words find their way into writings, musings, and quite often ramblings.

This is my Wilde Way.  A place of stories, a collection of moments, and sometimes, the sharing of food.


The only social media I use is instagram.  If you like book suggestions, random thoughts paired with pictures of trees, and vegan food (like, the real food I make and eat, NOT gorgeous food photography….), then come find me at @WildeWay.


Thoughts & Questions

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